Youtube, your uncle’s house number, went to the “Kingdom” after Lifpang.

Youtube, your uncle’s house, went to a funeral after Lif offered a man with disrespect to his people

and there was an outspoken fan comment.

On October 2, 64, at 9:30 a.m., the Utubber group at Uncle General’s house, Ashi’s brother and grandmother, traveled to

Mt. Gutu.I’m sorry, but after some of the people of Kung Fu have become uneasy with some of

the Utubbers who have been living live and talking about their treasures, including fans who have come in here making rude comments about their treasures, which are respected by their loved ones.

About 20 UTubbers have arrived today because some UTubbers have left the area.This petition has invited

the warm grandmother and great-grandmother, Archimas, to grant the Fifth Amendment, for

the sake of the common good of the people of Kung Fu, all of whom have said, “I, the Lord of Utubber, beg the Master to grant me my great-grandfather’s blessing,” and then Utubber.Numota for the YouTube group. And say,Both YouTube and fans.

This incident, which has come as a result of some of the outlying villagers, has filed a complaint with

the District Attorney General’s Office on the 18th.K.64, that there’s a fan club-youtubber at uncle’s house who’s yelling at the teacher

and the villagers say that if you don’t respect the priest, don’t yell at him, because all the villagers respect the teacher, and it’s sacred in the village.Give it this time.

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