Uncle Gold, climbing pole, has been granted medical treatment

climbing reporters reported that a 58-year-old blond man, who once thought of climbing a cell phone signal pole over 30-40 meters in hopes of jumping into a government suicide attempt after he had never been granted any medical treatment under government programs, had no smartphone access.Confirmed identity.

Uncle Gold One opened his heart to the rise of the state and gave away too much money to forget the real poor.

The big guy climbs a pole, hopes to make a living, but without a smartphone, he’s out of course not entitled to medical attention.

But there were several police officers, his council stoned, a drug rescue team that tried to stop him and persuade his relatives to climb down well, which happened on January 4, 64 at 1:00 p.m. at a cell phone signal station on the side of Choi Street, saw him stoned to death, a stone house, a stone house, a stone house, a stone house. As per the rules.Present the news before then.

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