Two Congressmen are taking a step forward, not signing the 11th Amendment,

Two Congressmen Members of the House of Representatives are two far-flung members of the Central Committee, accountant-type and chairman of the Panichmat Congress, J. Shlebury District 5, not party-signed to amend Article 112 of the Criminal Code, and other provisions on libel.

Two Congressmen Mr. Marmon, through an interview with an in-depth program throughout Thailand

said that he would not sign and that he had his own ideas that might not fit the party.

“I’m not signing it. I don’t know if anyone else signed it, but I can’t sign it and force me to do it

I’ve been abstaining on the law on the transfer of troops, but when my party’s opinion is polite

I know the rules, I know the level of violence, how do I answer the question?

I swear, I read the Constitution, I understand, and I’m here to sign Article 112, and my legal opinion has some idea of what the view is, but I’m not signing it.”Echo says.

“Say it right here. I’m myself, I’m old

I know some institutions, you know, you’re disrupting your sister’s political development, your freedom

whoever does what they do, but whoever does what’s responsible, politics is like food, whoever eats what they eat, will come and tell you.I can’t be in the same company and like the same thing.”

On your part, Mr. Shilburi, who represents the people of Chang Island and Sri Raja (except for the hawks and shilburi) explained the reasons stated in Pfezbok’s boyfriend

“contrary to personal principles” and apologized to the people who voted for him.

“I can’t sign this act, which is a code of conduct, because it goes against my personal principles,” specified Mr. Schuester.

“Forgive the fellow citizens of Syria that I have to request the privilege of a member of the House of Representatives who has been granted the right to elect me as

the candidate for the new future party.”

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