Tourists looking for Selfie, stumbling over a cliff, “The Temple of the Eye” died.

On the 12th of June, looking, the Beast Station, alerted a man to a high cliff, a cliff, a social worker, J. Bong, who had been known to be a 52-year-old tourist who traveled from Bangkok to take a picture on the cliff in a big rock, the size of a man’s self-destruct.

Last night, at 3:25 p.m., a paramedic escorted the dead body to the top of the cliff in front of a cloak looking man took a picture by the rocks after finishing the photo while walking back to stumble over the rock and fell at the top of the cliff.

However, there are a lot of tourists taking pictures at this point who want the temple to help correct or limit the area. So as not to repeat the incident, the primary medical examiner has already proven that the next of kin will bring the body back to the home for medical treatment.

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