The tour went really hard. “Djamatum’s friend” taught the netizens.

“Djamatum’s friend” There’s still a lot of criticism going on for Hatchtack.

“Djamatum’s friend” ♪ DJ-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-jamma-ma-jam, the case ♪ ♪

And the late-Born, assembled, during the outbreak of COVID-19, a new outbreak of COVID-19

and raised the question of whether this was an emergency medical violation. And what’s the punishment for that, because the cluster associated with the latest genome of jjamatoma has 24 people.

There is also the issue of how many people have to stop

work from home to stop the spread of the disease

how many businesses have to shut down, how many medical personnel have to work hard to fight the disease

while many actors, people in the entertainment industry

continue to live their normal lives, go to parties, when there’s a serious epidemic.

Last time, an intagram user, who was supposed to be a friend of DJ’s, posted a text in a story that sparked off a Netizens criticizing the actor that…

“The actor doesn’t sleep on his feet. He’s been in the theater for months

he’s been working, just his career and his way of doing things have paid off, everyone’s gonna be rich

he’s gonna have to pay for his 4:00 a.m. work. We’re taking a different show than we’re gonna do at 1:00 a.

“Djamatum’s friend” You’re not rich. You’re not rich. The rich people work for you

they don’t sit on people’s backs, you’re rich. If you can’t be a star, you should study hard, and swearing doesn’t make you taller. End of story.”

It’s like a huge drama that has sparked so many people to attack

that this comet’s friends have to lock up their

IG in private, in this case Twitter, criticizing that a star who’s paid more

than a morning and evening finder should be socially

responsible and a good example of how infection with a cluster of

DJ comets can affect the lives of many people.a businessman, policeman, company clerk

salesman, airline employee, &c. There are many others who have been affected by the arrest. as a matter of touch

Last time (26th grade, 64) a young actress, Sandy Jenpura, came out with an opinion about it

“The film isn’t just about the stars, there are other people who wake up first

sleep later, work hard, and not as much as the people on the fire see.”

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