The Brazilian Court of Health exam, dealing with a defect in COVID-19 patient.

The Brazilian High Court is preparing for the opening of a public health exam in case of a delayed administration, dealing with a lack of oxygen until at least 29 patients died in COVID-19 judge in Brazil, Brazil’s capital, has authorized the opening of an investigation into Eduardo Pazuelo, a former retired general, a minister.The health care system, due to the shortage of oxygen tanks in the Manaus hospital, has caused dozens of deaths in the state of Amazonas.

The prosecution has indicated that the Ministry of Health has been aware of a shortage of oxygen since 8 milligrams

but has just begun supplying oxygen tanks on 12 milligrams.In

the past, senior officials in the Brazilian government claimed that the number of people infected in the area rose rapidly to an unexpected level of hospitalization, and that the state of Amazonus was a remote area in the Amazon jungle

which was only difficult to access by plane, so one of the factors that led to the shipment of tanks to the Amazon.I’m late. The oxygen tanks were delivered to Manaus on the 15th.

“This is a completely unexpected situation. It’s all too fast,” Pazuelo said in one of his speeches.

On behalf of Rodrigo Mia, the President of the House of Representatives said that, as Director of Public Health

he was aware of the situation and should expedite

the implementation of support for medical equipment

The doctor immediately attacked Pazuelo not only to let the state’s health system collapse, but also to support the ineffective treatment of COVID-19, which is used to treat patients with a medical condition that has not yet been clearly proven.

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