Home design Is considered an important event the company

Home design It is an important event, the considered will take into account the purpose of use of the residents. Before designing the house, the company will clarify the material list in detail. (Specification) for building a house (Can see in the list of materials) and if the customer wants to use the design and construction services of the house with the company The sequence of steps for designing a house is as follows.

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Architects about costing and estimating construction costs

Architects costing and estimating building construction costs are also one of the factors that have a great effect. This is like a great potion for Thaiarchitects who like to think of themselves as Great Architect, so they do not need to know more about construction prices than the belief that Construction cost estimation is “Multiply the square meter by the construction area”, and we still believe deeply that this method is correct and reliable. The consequences of this life are So 99.99% of the house or building designs designed by thearchitects are always more than the budget that was initially told to the customer. And this is whyarchitects are always blamed on the customer for unreliability of price and construction budget.

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