“Pat Power Pat”– your father’s selfie, his sister screaming instead of Daddy.

“Pat Power Pat” Selfie’s father’s first mate, the club screams as hard as the pictures, that’s the caption that replaced him, Daddy.

Through the storm of life, it’s time to start afresh on a bright journey for Pat Powerpat, a former 1990s singer today.I’m going to be a new singer again, which many people eagerly await his music, after hearing some of the songs that Pat would like to hear from his heart, besides the music, we’ve also seen the final artwork from Pat, which the host has shown through IG.

To this day, “Pat Power Pat” fans are still as tight as ever, and there’s a channel through their personal IG @pat_powerpa.keep up the good work and the good work

The last time Pat had her first selfie with her father, it was called a very hot one because it took less than two hours.By the time the fans hit 50,000 leagues, followed by over 3,000 comments.

Pat’s caption says, “Before Daddy’s dad’s job,” many people saw it.It’s loud, Daddy Pat. It’s cute.

pat_powerpat to work, buttattoe.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It’s called “Taldy the Terrible.”

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Shit, do it. We read the captions and stop.

I can’t!

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The D.D. of the stick… it bothers him.

It’s the bad guy.

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The black market is floundering.

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Cramps make you fart, mom, cough, cough.Will with the quinine, huh?

It’s always been brilliant, ever.

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It’s small. Emin… kill.

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