NBT reporter Posto St. Yun didn’t attend the DJ’s birthday party, didn’t go to Chiang Mai.


According to the Oceania Gavinpong case, the Director of Disease Control revealed the Coquid-19 infection of the BT reporter, and the medical investigation revealed that there was a trip to the party of the Dejematum-Theshin diamond.
And there’s one more party trip, all three of which are linked to the birthday party.
Most recently, Congressman Yochai, the NBT news anchor posted via Facebook So Korakot Yotchai, stating,
“I’d like to point out to you that I haven’t been to J.C. Cheong in a long time. Two, I assure you, I didn’t go to DJ’s birthday party at all.Hundreds since.
The first day of the infection, and I’ve made no excuses or changes to any of the data.”

For the timeline of Congressman Yodchai, the NBT news anchor who once pointed out is as follows:

8 M.C. Work from Home. Worked at Home.

9 M.C. Out in the supermarket.
Ten millimeter, NBT channel.
11-12 M.C. Work from Home, work upstairs, go to NBT.
13-14, working for the PR department.
15 M.C. Work from Home Worked at Home
Sixteen hours in the dorm room, having dinner with a friend at Renesong High school.
17th grade, dormitory time, evening shift at the NBT.
18-20, working at the PR department and working at the NBT.
20 milligrams of public relations time in a room with five colleagues.
21-22 M.C. Work from Home.

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