“Meiname” ahead of a 7.5 million-dollar-a-week-long.

“Meiname” is advancing the mission of 7 500,000 people this week with the latest infection reaching 1.3 million.

Mein’s shrimp roasting region started an invitation to the people to register for the COVID-19 vaccine, which is the Kowid.Covishield’s first batch was shipped to Maine on January 22, 2564, and will start injecting about 750,000 people within the week.

The Ministry of Health and Sports announced that the number of patients infected with the new Corona virus (COVID-19) in “Meiname” to 137,574 as of yesterday (24 January 64)

Mein showed up with 476 more patients with COVID-19, and 17 more patients died yesterday, which makes the top offender.Life loss is 3,062; the current top patient is 121,558.

My latest COVID-19 test was positive at 2.5%, and I tested for Covid-1 in the first place.Nine is over 2.26 million.

Mein found the country’s first two patients on March 23 March 2563

shrimp grill, 20th century

The report found more patients infected with the new Chrona virus (Quid-19)

989 and 26 more deaths within 24 hours, resulting in a massive increase in the number of addicts.Yeah.

Collected at 115.187 in the touched country, the top of the dead moved 2,424 in the meantime.

The number of patients who fell from Kovid-19, and left Mian’s hospital,

There are 94,118 of them.

Well, Mian came to check on the 19th at the first meeting on March 23rd.Yeah.

More than 1.57 million test samples have been tested.

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