Governor’s daughter, please don’t worry. “lung transplant.” are just one option.

The governor’s daughter is waiting for a doctor to assess how to treat her

“lung transplant.” Today (25 January 64) reporters reported that your daughter Vera Spirit of Light, the governor of the ocean province, posted a message through his personal Facebook page “Namwan Vichitsangri” giving information about his father’s illness, stating,

“lung transplant.” “I would like to inform my relatives and those who care about you

Since there have been reports of lung transplants, many of you have contacted me to question my father’s condition

I’d like you to understand the situation and not to worry too much.Please

my father’s condition is still in the middle of a medical evaluation of how to proceed.

Lung transplants are just one of the many treatments the doctor has offered. In conclusion or in progress, the Master of Development will be a regular public speaker.Yes?

For those who ask questions about visiting or vending flowers or anything else to cheer you up

I must inform you that you’re in ward for a Quid patient who’s in critical condition

so the doctor doesn’t allow you to be in the hospital.Visiting hospital

unable to answer questions about the symptoms, and unable to bring visitors into the room.

Initially, the hospital had signed the 84-year-old building.

However, given the current state of disease control

it is with everyone’s best interests in mind that you travel to visit the hospital and put yourself at unnecessary risk.

That’s why dad’s line@id:@verasak.vich or is being used to send his support through this online channel instead of going to the hospital.

So you don’t have to leave home or travel across the province or send a message to your father’s personal line

and if he’s feeling better, he’ll be aware of your concern.Yes.

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