“For Thailand” expedited a way to save the elderly, called the elderly back.

“For Thailand” In order to help me find a way to get my grandmother’s old age pension back

“Truth of War,” the Prime Minister’s pension payments are complicated.

Teacher Manausth suffered a lot of Surynth Congressmen, Party for Thailand, referring to a case where

the Central Accounting Department called for interest.Retreating the elderly that they now feel the need for the elderly to be centralized and for the local government to recover their life annuity, which is a mistake of

the government system, which will be brought to a party meeting on Tuesday (2nd, 64) to discuss and mobilize public assistance through various agencies.

The Congressman, the Congressman, and the vice-chairman of the Party for Thailand, said that the payment of

the fine would be too high.General Chandra Osha’s pension, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Defense, along with the Minister of the Department of Defense, are highly contradictory in terms of their position and pension since the Revolution, amounting to over 10.88 million baht,

which is considered to be the equivalent of a three-way refund.

89-year-old grandmother, shocked! Found a refund of 100,000 old people’s money, and she’s been sentenced to death.

The Federal Accountant’s Office called for the repayment of an 89-year-old old man’s pension because there was a shortage of property.

The F.B.I. released the 89-year-old’s payback for the first case, but 10 years more because the system just connected.Information

My 86-year-old, bed-ridden grandmother, paid off in five years by a close-to-a-kilometre backlog.

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