Covid-19 infected in Thailand since the outbreak, February 4th, 2564.

The spread of the Corona virus 2019 (Covid-19) has caused concern to the whole world, including Thailand, where the number of infections is on the rise every day and not limited to Bangkok and the provinces, but spread across the country by the Center for Disease Control 201.COVID-19. Infectious people traveling from abroad and entering all 13 state-provided quarantine sites, 45 are infected in all countries and 751 are infected by community-based aggressive searches.

Kowid’s sick today has 809 more! The Thai authorities have collected 22,058 infected people.

Timeline Kovid’s office added nine more, many of them factory employees and tax collectors.

The city’s reporting today’s top Kowid patient, 786 more.

Thailand now has a total of 22,058 people infected, 19,553 and 2,505 foreign travellers, 14,798 cured and 79 dead.

Today, the senator reported on the Kovid-19 situation in Thailand, with 17,821 confirmed patients, 10,858 missing and 19 dead.

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