Covid-19 infected in Thailand since the outbreak, February 3, 2564.


The spread of the Corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) has caused concern to the whole world, including Thailand, where the number of infections is on the rise every day and not limited to Bangkok and the provinces, but spread across the country by the Center for Disease Control 201.COVID-19. By an infected person traveling from abroad and entering all 12 state-provided quarantine sites, 24 are infected throughout the country and 759 are infected by community-based aggressive searches.

Quid today, the Thai press found 795 more infected people, including 21,249 sick people.

A series of 11.867 cases are still pending.

The ward found a 26-day-old baby trapped in the ocean, smashed the record of a young patient at Su.D.

Thailand now has a total of 21,249 people infected with 18,757 and 2,492 foreign travellers, 14,001 cured and 79 dead.

Today, the vice president reported on the Kovid-19 situation in Thailand, with 17,012 patients confirmed, 10,061 sick and 19 dead.

Update of situation, Quid-19 in Quid-19.

It’s 3:64 p.m. at 11.30 a.m.

795 new patients.

24 domestic infections.

759 attack filters.

travel abroad

Twelve State Quarantines.

No State Quarantine.

Patient count confirms collection.

be infected in the country

travel abroad




& Add – List

21,249 people.

18,757 people.


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