Cool hit the tree. “Mrs.Chintin” the 62nd Thai lady was badly hurt.

“Mrs.Chintin” a 62-year-old Thai lady who was in a car accident in Old Gyeon University, was seriously injured, second best friend, one injured.

“Mrs.Chintin” At 4:40 a.m., the subcommittee of the university asked for an accident, a car crash, a tree crash, near the Forensic College road.Thirteen separate schools of study within the old college in the old city of J.K., resulting in two casualties and two deaths.

Then the police, the emergency services, the dedication and the rescue of the Srinctr hospital rushed to the scene with the cutting device.Barely.

At the scene of the crime scene, the Suzuki-Sweet Bronze sedan, number 4, 4074 in Templar City, was destroyed. The front door was smashed open, the back of the car collapsed, two dead women were found, one known as a 22-year-old witch, and the 22-year-old grifter, a trustee, helped with a body cutter.

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